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Long Beach Buddhist Church

Long Beach Buddhist Church, founded in 1957, is dedicated to sharing the teachings of the Buddha and serving as a positive presence in our local community. Long Beach Buddhist Church exists to maintain a non-sectarian Buddhist temple that promotes the general welfare of our Sangha (community).

In 1951, our Founder, Reverend Kosai Osada (1911-1989) held his first service at the Long Beach Japanese Community Center. In 1957, groundbreaking began at the temple's present location in Long Beach at 2360 Santa Fe Ave.

 At Long Beach Buddhist Church we strive to continue to provide a place where everyone can practice the Buddha Dharma without sectarian divisions.

  We hold Sunday morning services at 10:00 but do check our calendar page for exceptions.  We hope you will visit us sometime.


The honzon 本尊 statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, carved by artist  Danji Seto, as it is enshrined today at Long Beach Buddhist Church. This image of shakyamuni Buddha is unique among Buddhist iconography as it depicts the humanness of the historical Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. Depicted here is the Buddha, after having sat for 7 days straight in meditation and attaining enlightenment, begins to teach the Dharma. The Buddha has his hands in the varada mudra symbolizing accomplishment and compassion. The Buddhas fingers are extended symbolizing generosity, morality, patience, effort, and samadhi, or meditative concentration.

Contact Long Beach Buddhist Church

2360 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810

(562) 426-4014

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